Dictionary Attack Presents

After noticing that we wanted to listen to our 2011 Christmas record year-round, Chet Farnsworth and I decided to make sure our next holiday album still functioned out of season. It was determined that a combination Halloween album and conceptual record about US presidents would be released - probably inspired by both the work of Snarfus Creebler (who recorded 43 thirty-second songs, each one "about" a president, on "Oaf of Office") and that of Galactic Heroes Ricky & Mike (whose "Monster Song Project" compiled 26 slightly longer tracks, from "Abominable Snowman" to "Zombie" - listen, I'm trying to find links for both of these projects, but they are simply no longer on the internet. Hit me up if you want to hear them.) The idea was to have presidential lyrics in the left channel and spooky lyrics in the right channel.

"The Delano Lies In Wait" was the only one that began life as a president song (in the company of tracks like the appropriately scary "Very Small Spider" and "20 Days On This Boat And They Took My Legs"). I reached out to the fiendishly creative TV's Kyle to supply the Halloween verse, but I left the melody out of the demo, and he came back with a brand new song. Ultimately, the dual-album project was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy knocking out my power and confining Chris and I to our homes. (We did manage to throw together a Halloween record that year, however - all written, recorded and released on the 31st.) For your enjoyment, "Whatever Werewolf" is presented both as a stand-alone track and, as was originally intended, in maddening, unlistenable stereo with "The Delano Lies In Wait."

Please allow this to serve as a preview for the forthcoming Dictionary Attack album.