Thank you for checking out my first collection of recorded music. Here's where I write a lot of words to pretend that I have important things to say.

JOCELYN - vocals and tubular bells on THE OTHER ELVIS and general musicality consultant number one / KYLE - vocals on ARTS & CRAFTS / GREG - handclaps on ARTS & CRAFTS (like a friggin year ago) / AUSTIN - electric guitars on UNICORN / CHET - guitar solo on TWELVE & FIFTEEN / MORGAN - bass on GARBAGE CAN FIRE

instruments, vocals, computers, all the rest by me / but i'm gonna credit CHET as a co-writer of TWELVE & FIFTEEN even though we co-wrote it in like 2008, and ERICA as a co-writer of THE OTHER ELVIS despite weirder circumstances / thanks to joe, andrea, josh, and wpsr for letting me use their stuff; thanks to flan f & mr. macmanus for staying cool; thanks to everyone involved for encouragement and enthusiasm / go easy on the vocals, folks / shoutout to dapwell /