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September 17, 2016

It's SPX! I'm not there. My friend Sanjay is though! And guess what. He drew artwork for my new release "Whale," which includes the song "Cowbirds In Love", written for Sanjay's own webcomic titled that back in 2009! I'm burying the lede. I have a new release called "Whale" and you can get it for free here.

Finally, the age of releasing long-coming songs is nigh! I am happy to have these songs in the world in their proper form. On to the next one. Stay tuned.


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April 1, 2016

Things are about to start getting crazy-go-nuts. I'm on Facebook now! And have you looked at my Tumblr lately? It's, uh, different now.

The new record is well underway - aiming for a summer/autumn release. There will also be some other things that will surface between now and that record. Stay tuned.


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December 7, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I put a cover of "Who You Are" on the Tally Hall tribute record We Think We're Playing In A Band! I'm in good company on this tracklist, I'm super grateful to Allegra and Marcy for having me! AND: all proceeds go to benefit the University of Michigan's Mott Children's Hospital!

In other news, I wrote a song about Connor Delaney in 2011 called "Who You Are." (It's not the first lyrical cue I took/stole from Rob Cantor!) It... kinda can't be called that anymore. Connor Delaney himself and I were already working on rewriting it when the opportunity for this cover arose. If I have my druthers, you will have that and two other songs before the end of the year.

The new album of Dictionary Attack music will be available in 2016. In the meantime, I put words about it and other music on Tumblr.

whatever werewolf

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October 28, 2015

There is a new song for you to listen to. There's three different ways for you to listen to it! (One... kinda doesn't count.)

soft launch

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January 12, 2015

Welcome to the new/current! If you hate this, why don't you go check out why you're not on I tried very hard to get the redesign up on January 1st, which would've been the fourthiversary of the Dictionary Attack brand.

What's up? I play like all the time in a bunch of bands and I work all the rest of the time and go to school whenever there's free moments. Somehow Chet Farnsworth and scrounged up a few hours to put together a very tiny but super-thorough and overproduced Christmas "album", FREE CHRISTMAS! But it's January now so I'll stop there.

The song "2 Flights Of Stairs" was recorded last summer and is available on the left sidebar of this website. Do you see the thing to the left? What do you think of that thing?? Maybe there should be a better way to do this.

Did you know I'm on Tumblr now? I sort of signed up on a lark, I don't know if I'm gonna stick around or not yet.

Thank you for choosing Dictionary Attack brand music. There will be more.

Kevin, I love you